be aggressive as fuck with your aro headcanons, your ace headcanons, your disability headcanons, your trans headcanons. yell about them. be loud. demand attention for them. don’t ever shut up about them



The Little Mermaid TV Series: Gabriella

Remember when Disney had a cute, disabled, poc mermaid?

When i was younger, one of my best friends was a deaf guyanese girl, and her fave princess was Ariel, mainly bc she related to her living without a voice (and her love of swimming)

When this episode aired, she cried and squawked and made sounds that were almost understandable… She saw herself as a mermaid, on tv, with her favourite character of all time

Representation matters, always, no matter what



Femme Nation: A photo series by 16 year old Hailey Corrall to provoke a message about misogyny in our youth.

the hijabi tho

redesign me, state of the art, 
erase my mind, replace my heart 
& let me start over


what a great nap, i feel totally disoriented and i’m frothing with hate 



every time you write fic where its primarily about one pairing but you include and celebrate the characters’ other friends, family and loved ones, where you acknowledge that they have other important connections

small animals everywhere are suddenly more fond of you, the wind…

The truth is, our job isn’t always great. Sometimes it sucks, but it sucks a little less when I get to do it with you

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